An Alphabet of Characters from Mythology

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This was an interesting take on mythical characters provided in an alphabet form. An Alphabet of Characters from Mythology EPUB EBook The only true complaint I have about the summary of the book is that it states iconic deities and not all of them were exactly deities that were offered.

The other thing is the author tended staying between a select collection of cultures such as Chinese, Greco- EPUBRoman and Ancient Egyptian while throwing in Aztec or Babylonian for good measures. I understand there are so many deities that it would be an endless book trying to alphabetize them but it leads to a good idea of doing cultural mythological books based on the alphabet although not every letter would be covered.

What I like about the book is that each letter is drawn with something that relates to the character being mentioned such as the trees for Humbaba's H, the lotus flowers for the Egyptian deities and the Viking horns for Woden. Furthermore each god is provided with a picture while it tempts me that this should be a physical book so that you can color the pictures.

I also enjoyed the fact that each god was mentioned and his or culture given as well as any other names he went by. There was sometimes a brief summary that was followed by a summary that gave some facts to the deity and any mentioned deity that wasn't in the alphabet was also briefly described so you didn't have to wonder about what they did.

One of the few errors that I did see though was with the goddess Xochiquetzal where the second to the end paragraph of her summary was incomplete. It starts off with "As goddess of Love..." then falls into a babbled mess.

Would definitely recommend this to those who are interested in mythology and just beginning out. Like this book? Read online this: Mortals & Deities (Genesis of Oblivion, #2), Dynamic Characters.

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