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In American Ideals: Founding "Republic of Virtue," Professor Daniel N. American Ideals EPUB EBook Robinson explores the principles that guided the founding of the United States, the conditions that led to the break with Great Britain, and the creation of such founding documents as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This course deepens your understanding of fundamental ideasthe role of government, and human naturethat inspired American independence, and which continue to have a profound influence on American thought. * What do we mean by "all men are created equal?" * What is the significance of the phrase "the pursuit of happiness" in the Declaration of Independence? * Why does it read "We the People" in the preamble to the Constitution? These lectures also provide insight into what historians call "the long conversation" in American society: questions that have been the focus of debate and controversy since the nation was born, including taxation, states rights vs. federalism, and the Framers original intent in drafting the Constitution, especially the first and second amendments. In addition, Professor Robinson answers questions about the nations founding that often puzzle many Americans. Among the most prominent is slavery. How could figures such as John Adams, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, men who firmly believed in "virtue" as a guiding principle for democratic societies, have said so little about slavery as they created this countrys governing foundations? Like this book? Read online this: The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, Thanksgiving Ideals 2006.

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