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Not unless I'm forced will I read another word by this absolute head- EPUBup-ass dreck-merchant. America EPUB EBook I was prepared to be a very sympathetic reader; download; I was primed and ready for some snappy and devastating criticisms of America; but Baudrillard is too concerned with manufacturing what he must think are theoretical pronouncements to actually observe his surroundings. He certainly didn't need to travel to write this shmarmy and useless rubbish pit of a book; he probably had the whole thing outlined before he started smirking his way off whatever airplane dropped him in the country. He is also wrong about everything and racist.

I couldn't get too far past his chapter on "New York" in which the following trash nuggets can be found:

"Why do people live in New York? There is no relationship between them. Except for an inner electricity which results from the simple fact of their being crowded together. A magical sensation of contiguity and attraction for an artificial certainty . . . There is no human reason to be here, except for the sheer ecstasy of being crowded together."

of breakdancing: "You might say that in curling up and spiralling around on the ground like this, they seem to be digging a hole for themselves within their own bodies, from which to stare out in the ironic, indolent pose of the dead."

"For me there is no truth in America. I ask of the Americans only that they be Americans. I do not ask them to be intelligent, sensible, original. I ask them only to populate a space incommensurate with my own, to be for me the highest astral point, the finest orbital space."

He can ask me to kick his ass into the finest orbital space any time he wants. If you'd like my copy of this book, come and get it. Like this book? Read online this: America From Space, Rosetta Stone Latin America Spanish Level 1 (Latin America Spanish 1 Curriculum Kit, Spanish 1).

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