All the Night Wings

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I have loved this small volume of poetry since my high school days, nearly twenty years ago. All the Night Wings EPUB EBookIt was my friend Genevieve who introduced me to Loren Eiseley, and I have ever been grateful. His poetry is lean, wind- EPUBswept, and raw.A few favorite lines:

"Desires as fierce as hunger, one by one / They all grow still, like old hawks in the sun."

"Be a mocker at love: I shall sleep with fire when I sleep."

"That love so gives itself, uncaring though none taste at all."

"...some furry little sin as recompense."

I have learned to lean bravely into the cold wind with Loren Eiseley's wisdom pounding in my head.A scientist-poet ought not to be such a rarity. Like this book? Read online this: Love in the Wind, A Night of Dragon Wings (Dragonlore, #3).

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