All Children Flourishing

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Wow - EPUB what a find! I am so excited about this book. All Children Flourishing EPUB EBook I heard about this author while listening to an educational seminar presented by Margaret Dawson (Scattered but Smart). The statistics she presented from "this guy's" theory/work were unbelievable, I had to read this book to find out for myself.

I'm only part of the way through but here are some of the gold nuggets so far:

1) Find greatness in every moment - make success inevitable
(sometimes it takes breaking actions down into mini-mini steps to find something positive, but it is there — just think of trainers working with Shamu who begin training with the bar set very low - as low as possible before moving up)

2) Look for ways to keep those around you in a "time-in" rather than a "time-out" — make life/environment so "great" a person would never want to be in a "time-out"

3) Consequences should be clear-cut and brief — we want to be back in "the game"
(think of the success of video games and organized sports - very clear cut boundaries and consequences, then it is quickly back to "game on")

See — this guy is onto something! Like this book? Read online this: Four Time Cancer Survivor! Cancer Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me. Find Out Why, Positive Psychology for well-being and flourishing.

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