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I think the reason this book got bad reviews on amazon is that people approached it as a horror novel. After Human EPUB EBook This may be bad marketing on the part of the publisher. As a horror novel, After Human fails miserably- EPUB it is often incoherent, has a strange, convoluted plot, describes absurd situations, and has no real resolution. But as a bizarro novel, it all works well. The book has the strangeness and unreal feel of bizarro and the dark, violent, nihilistic aspects of a dark horror novel. To enjoy it, one must think outside the box and accept that a lot of it doesn't make sense when applied to the world we live in today- it can be read as a satire of internet and media culture, and the violent entertainment that often draws so many people. As such, it can be read on several different levels. But if you approach it the way you would approach a Stephen King novel, expecting likable protagonists and a well developed plot, you will be disappointed. Like this book? Read online this: 25 MUST READ CLASSIC HORROR NOVELS, Essays on the Active Powers of the Human Mind an Inquiry Into the Human Mind on the Principle of Common Sense.

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