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It's one thing to deal with attention deficit disorder in the doctor's office, or at home- EPUBbut quite another "out there," in the workplace. Add in the Workplace EPUB EBook This unique guide focuses on adults living with ADD, and illustrates various ways to initiate and maintain the best possible work situation. Kathleen Nadeau brings her vast experience to bear on this central concern of adult life. The book is packed full of helpful advice and practical suggestions on everything from day-to-day problems to career issues that can affect a lifetime-and it emphasizes that people with ADD can be just as successful in their jobs and careers as anyone else.
ADD in the Workplace features a user-friendly large, open format with summaries at the beginning of each chapter-perfect for ADD adults. It offers an easy-to-follow progression from a general understanding of the situation to various specific issues, including ADD and social skills, job performance, and career choices for young adults with ADD. No ADD adult should be without this clear, comprehensive guide to succeeding in the workplace! Like this book? Read online this: Adults Guide to Better Swimming, Bullies in the Workplace.

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