About Time 4 (Seasons 12 to 17)

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Constituting the largest reference work on "Doctor Who" ever written, the six- EPUBvolume "About Time" strives to become the ultimate reference guide to the world's longest-running science fiction program. About Time 4 (Seasons 12 to 17) EPUB EBook Written by Lawrence Miles ("Faction Paradox") and long-time sci-fi commentator Tat Wood, "About Time" focuses on the continuity of "Doctor Who" (its characters, alien races and the like), but also examines the show as a work of social commentary. In particular, Miles and Wood dissect the politics and social issues that shaped the show during its unprecedented 26-year run (from 1963 to 1989), detailing how the issues of the day influenced this series. As part of this grand opus, About Time 4 examines "Doctor Who" Seasons 12 to 17 (1975 to 1979)-starring Tom Baker, the actor who popularized the show in America. Among other things, About Time 4 examines how the show's "Gothic horror" phase and its aftermath, plus answers such vitally important "Who" questions as "Where (and When) is Gallifrey?" and "Why Couldn't the BBC Just Have Spent More Money?" Like this book? Read online this: Race Against Time (Doctor Who: Find Your Fate #6), A Man for All Seasons.

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