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 A Young Girl's Diary (Kindle Edition), Sigmond Freud
I feel it is important to keep history alive. A Young Girl's Diary EPUB EBook There is an expression "history repeats itself". This is one perfect example why this era must never be forgotten and (pray to God) never repeated. I have read many books from this period.
The Diary of Anne Frank which is an exceptional diary kept by a young girl who tried to make the best of a horrible lifetime. Clearly, she did not truly understand what was happening,but she knew it was dangerous. Yet, as children do, they can escape reality and bring beauty into the world, if only for a moment.
I understand this book is intended to be written through the eyes of a child, but I found most of it dull and personally, I feel a child could have written it better. Anne Frank took the humdrum out of the day to day routine, Freud did not. Nobody wants to read every trivial detail of anyone's life...no even their own!
On the upside, it makes for great bedtime reading. Snooze away. Misty Serenade: Wings (The Rise of Dragon Rose) (Volume 1) Like this book? Read online this: The Diary of a Young Girl (Penguin Readers: Level 4), The Diary of a Teenage Girl.

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