A Wish-For Dinosaur

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We read this, for the first time, last night at bedtime. A Wish- EPUBFor Dinosaur EPUB EBook I was expecting a little more in terms of the writing although I had no reason to have any expectations at all.
It did open up for discussion why some pets (example: dinaosaurs - my daughters favorite thing in the world) wouldn't make good pets. We were able to move that into others areas also.
I'd say this is more for a younger toddler but Julia is almost 5 and she still liked it.
** I forgot to mention the "opener" - a review below reminded me. I thought it was pretty cool honestly. It's basically calling books "Word Windows" and Julia has taken to calling them that also. I like it. :) Like this book? Read online this: Celestial Pets (Celestial Pets Serial Book 3), The Really, Really, Really Big Dinosaur.

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