A Taste of Liberty (Task Force 125, #2)

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This series has so much potential, it's a shame that this book got off track. A Taste of Liberty (Task Force 125, #2) EPUB EBook The first half of the book was plodding along nicely, laying the groundwork for the teams' mission and creating a misunderstanding between the hero & download; heroine. But...the plodding continues. It isn't until well after the halfway mark that the heart of the mission really begins and then it's uneventful and over so quickly that it leaves a bad taste in the mouth, making the reader realize that this romantic suspense is really just a character book with very little suspense plot. Which leads to the second problem: the relationship.

In book 1 of this series (The Path to Freedom), the heroine, Sarah, changes her life by swapping her lack- EPUBluster military career and overweight body for intense training as an undercover operator with a body used for distraction. This follow-up book (Taste of Liberty) begins with geering up for her second mission. Also beginning in book 1 is the foundation of attraction between Sarah and her team leader, Vince. After very little time spent interacting with each other, they are suddenly ready to both give-up their careers and retire together, spending their days relaxing in a hamock. I'm sorry, but that just goes against everything that Sarah worked towards in book 1! After one mission (and during prep for the second) she's willing to give up everything that she worked so hard to gain? Sure, there's heat between her and Vince, but there's little development in the relationship, not enough time spent interacting on a level that could convince me that it was time to ride off into the sunset.

Sadly, despite the cliffhanger ending of this book, I will not be reading the next book in the series. Like this book? Read online this: A Fall in Time (Train Through Time Series Book 5), Kansas City Cowboy (The Precinct (The Precinct: Task Force #2) (The Precinct #18).

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