A Sociology of Globalization

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Sassen identifies two sets of processes that make up globalization: the first and more commonly studied set of processes is global institutions, from the World Trade Organization to the War Crime Tribunals; download; the second and less frequently explored set of processes occur at the national and local level, including state monetary policy, small- EPUBscale activism that has an explicit or implicit global agenda, and local politics. A Sociology of Globalization EPUB EBook Emphasizing the interplay between global and local phenomena, Sassen insightfully examines new forms and conditions such as global cities, transnational communities, and commodity chains. This unique approach to globalization offers new interpretive and analytic tools to understand the complexity of global interdependence. Sociology of Globalization is part of the Contemporary Societies series. Like this book? Read online this: [ Making Globalization Work The Next Steps To Global Justice By Stiglitz, Joseph]Paperback, Globalization 2.0.

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