A Small Family Business

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Boy. A Small Family Business EPUB EBook What a play.

This play was also for my IGCSE exams.

It involves comedy, corruption, family and tragedy.

Jack McKracken is about to take over his father- EPUBin-law's furniture making company and when he informs this to his family, he makes a speech stating that it will be the most corruption-free company and even stealing a paper clip will be frowned upon. This suddenly changes when Benedict Hough, a detective, arrives at his house and tells him that his young 16 year old daughter Samantha has been caught shoplifting on a security camera. The crime is stealing a 1 pound object (if I remember correctly a mascara?) but it was a crime nontheless to Jack. For Sammy, this is unoffensive as "everybody steals" to which her mother Poppy and sister Tina admit that their pasts had involved shoplifting.

Benedict is willing to forget about the whole robbery thing if Jack gives him a job at Ayres and Graces (the furniture company. Jack is in awe as he doesn't want to do this, even if he has to send his own daughter to jail. But, as his father-in-law informs him that their designs are being stolen and that there may be spies inside the company, Jack has no choice but hire him. After this, Benedict informs him that the designs are being used by a rival firm run by the Rivetti brothers, contacts of Jack's brother Cliff. He goes to his brother's house to confront him but finds his wife Anita alone at their house with the Rivetti brothers, meaning that Cliff has been buying the furniture and selling it to the rival firm.

However, Benedict blackmails Jack which makes him talk to his family to raise more money but decide to hire the Rivetti brothers to murder Benedict. Meanwhile, Beneditc comes across Poppy, Tina and Sammy who later kill Benedict. The Rivetti brothers help to dispose the body only if they could use Ayres and Graces as a front for their drug distribution business. Jack reluctantly agrees and gives a similar speech than the one he delivered at the beginning of the play about morals but what he cannot see, and the audience can, is Sammy hiding in the bathroom and suffering from her own drug addiction which caused the shoplifting.

This play is a funny one. It involves funny scenes, hilarious quotes, embarassment and more. I'd definitley read it again.

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