A Simple Case of Angels

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Nicola’s adorable little dog June Bug keeps getting into trouble. A Simple Case of Angels EPUB EBook She steals the neighbor’s turkey, yanks down the Christmas tree, and destroys Mom’s almost- EPUBfinished giant crossword. Everyone is mad, and it looks as though June Bug’s days are numbered. Will doing a good deed make up for June Bug’s bad behavior? Nicola certainly hopes so. And when she and June Bug come across a new nursing home in the neighborhood, it feels like a sign. They volunteer to become regular visitors at Shady Oaks, certain that June Bug’s cute tricks will cheer up the elderly residents. But something unusual is going on at the home, where it seems that a few of the more remarkable patients are being kept against their will. Freeing them will bring out the very best in Nicola, and especially in June Bug. Like this book? Read online this: June 1944, The Case Of The Plot To Pull The Plug & The Case Of The Thief Who Drinks From The Toilet.

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