A Shoulda Woulda Christmas

EPUB EBook by Michelle Stimpson

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After being fired twice in the same day, Chaka Stringer wonders how much worse her pointless life as the wife of an underachieving husband and mom of two musty pre- EPUBteen boys can get. A Shoulda Woulda Christmas EPUB EBook If only she had finished college and picked a different husband, her life would be better…or would it?

Through a mysterious haze, Chaka gets her shot at fame, fortune and the passionate relationship with her high school crush who never quite left her heart. But what ugly truths about herself will be revealed in the process? And what about the life she left behind?

Anyone who has ever wondered what “shoulda” or “woulda” happened if they had made different choices will enjoy this funny, inspirational Christmas novella by bestselling Author Michelle Stimpson. Like this book? Read online this: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda, Spirit of Christmas (Olivia Stowe's Christmas Collections Book 1).

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