A Month of Italy

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New York Times best- EPUBselling author Chris Brady demonstrates for readers the art of taking strategic, proper, restorative vacations that reinvigorate one for greater clarity of thought and increased productivity. A Month of Italy EPUB EBook What can possibly be said about Italy that hasn't been already? Primarily, that you can enjoy it too! Refreshingly relate-able in a genre previously populated by wealthy expats and Hollywood stars, this book chronicles an ordinary family taking an extraordinary trip, and most importantly, paves the way for you to take one of your own! With hilarious wit and fast-paced narrative, Brady thrills with honest commentary on what a trip of a lifetime actually feels like, and most endearingly, he succeeds in convincing you that not only should you take a similar one, but that you will! Within a few pages you'll be visualizing panoramic Tuscan vistas and breaking open the piggy bank, laughing as you turn the pages and dreaming of your own escape." Like this book? Read online this: A Narrative of an Extraordinary Escape, Florida Month-by-Month Gardening.

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