A Mirror to Shatter the Hammer

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from Tarpaulin Sky: "A Mirror to Shatter the Hammer offers poems of remarkable presence and surprise. A Mirror to Shatter the Hammer EPUB EBook A cast of old world and postmodern narrators cohabit these spare fables, at once deranged, shrewd, naive, and mildly heroic. One woman filibusters her own wedding. An exasperated economist shouts to whomever is listening, “Our great middle class sways on a stool. I apologize. I apologize.” These lyrics slip through De Chirico landscapes, postures and frames of reference, playing hide and seek as “a film projected onto a running horse.” We find our own grandparents here, exhausted but alert, discussing turnips and wars before we were born. The known world, the solid world opens irreparably onto “cave flowers in bouquets of yellow steam” or “static from a sermon.” A carpenter plays a xylophone with two hammers. A Marxist makes use of a burning palace for his “sensible reading lamp.” Beyond its ironic tensions, A Mirror to Shatter the Hammer evokes an abiding tenderness and wonder. These are love poems—written by everyone to no one in particular." Like this book? Read online this: A Treasury of the World's Best Loved Poems, Mirror, Mirror on Her Wall (Book 2).

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