A Matter of Choice

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Crisis or opportunity? It's all a matter of how you look at it. A Matter of Choice EPUB EBook For some, the dream of a new life is long- EPUBheld and then finally realized; download; for others life changes suddenly and irrevocably, forcing them down a completely different path. A Matter of Choice features success stories and cautionary tales in which loneliness, danger, financial realities, and other unexpected consequences caused the original plan to fail or change. A woman rejects the corporate job she worked so hard to secure in favor of leading rafting tours in the wilderness. A young felon begs a judge and her probation officer for the opportunity to enroll in a Habitat for Humanity program and start her life afresh. A middle-aged newsman is forced to embark on a new career path, replete with the gaffes and insecurities he thought were decades behind him. A career soldier finds himself in a different world with very different rules as he follows his dream to become a sculptor. This book offers a realistic, but ultimately optimistic account of the trend that has become increasingly popular, as many Americans have followed up the age-old question, "What should I be doing?" with the more interesting one: "Why?" Like this book? Read online this: A Matter of Life and Seth, Matter.

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