A Lady Of Quality

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I have very mixed feelings about this book. A Lady Of Quality EPUB EBook I found none of the principle characters likeable—and some I thoroughly despised (which in two cases is the author's intent). However, the main character is a selfish, shallow woman who we are supposed to believe matures into a "lady of quality" despite her improbable and uncooth upbringing. The ultimate central point of the story is redemption; download; the question raised is whether the worst acts can be atoned for by subsequent charity, kindness, and goodness. I don't think, in this case, the story succeeded in convincing me that this was true. As usual in Burnett's story, their is the requisite slavishly devoted character who has no identity or self- EPUBworth apart from adoring and serving the main character. In this case it is the sister Anne who is so groveling and doormattish that I just wanted to shake her! Like this book? Read online this: The Unbelievably True Story of the World's Worst Sex, Lady Arykah Reigns (Lady Elect, #2).

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