A Hero's Kiss (Heroes at Heart, #4)

EPUB EBook by Jan Springer

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In Death Valley, the Boys rule and women are their slaves—each naked and bound to their captors’ sexual desires. A Hero's Kiss (Heroes at Heart, #4) EPUB EBook

On a mission to the planet of Paradise in search of their missing brothers, US Astronaut Piper Hero and her two sisters become separated after crash- EPUBlanding.

Infected by the deadly sensuous swamp water, Piper is tormented with arousing “fever sex dreams” and is rescued by the dangerously irresistible Jarod Ellis, who administers the lusty cure-wrenching climaxes that leave her breathless and so hot for sex she can’t even think straight.

Finally free from his tortured life as a sex slave, Jarod Ellis has sworn never to trust a woman again. But he’s instantly captivated by the seemingly innocent sweet seductress Piper Hero, a woman who claims to be related to the Earthmen he has vowed to protect with his life. Although he mistrusts her, she sets free untamed passions that scorch his body into a carnal inferno of sexual needs.

Despite her own sexual fantasies coming true, Piper can’t forget her mission of reuniting with her siblings and she’ll do it—with or without the help of her well-hung stud. Like this book? Read online this: Paying The Piper, High School Heroes III - Hero Heist.

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