A Hard Man is Good to Find

EPUB EBook by James W. Lewis

EBook Description

MICHELLE LARSEN has found a man straight out of a romance novel–handsome, fit, educated, and pulling in a six- EPUBfigure income. A Hard Man is Good to Find EPUB EBook Despite the exceptional qualities and his obvious interest in her, things are moving too slow between them. Unlike most men who can’t wait to get in her pants, this particular man refuses to take things to the next level.

DARYL JACKSON has grown tired of the nightclub scene and wants to settle down, but he has a secret that always seems to interrupt any potential love connection once he reveals it. He believes Michelle is the ideal woman, but can she handle the truth?

After six weeks of dating, and still no attempt from him to get her “horizontal,” Michelle grows sex-starved. She is driving herself crazy trying to figure out Daryl’s problem! During a weekend getaway in Palm Springs, Michelle finally puts an end to the what’s-wrong-with-Daryl guessing game and demands to know what’s up. Not only does Daryl answer all her questions, Michelle learns first hand that you really need to be careful with what you wish for! Like this book? Read online this: Michelle Kwan, Where Can You Find Hard and Soft Things?.

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