A Guidebook to Learning

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No I did not read every word. A Guidebook to Learning EPUB EBookBut I'm confident that this book is irrelevant in a multi- EPUBcultural society in the internet age.The study of God is not the 'highest' form of learning - in fact I'm not convinced that there is a decree-able hierarchy.I suppose pompous academicians would think so, though.

He's right that alphabetical order isn't a map or chart of knowledge.So?Does he honestly think anyone ever said it was?And why should I read the history of attempts to organize knowledge if I'm not an academician?

Specialist vs generalist, practical vs philosophical, university learning vs lifelong learning, Greek philosophers & download; medieval theologians vs Filipino folklorists - I heartily believe each of us should chart our own course at our own pace among our own interests and applications.And with the entire world wide web available by using keywords, or by surfing 'related' links, themes and schemata are at our fingertips.

(And if the web is not available to you, pretty much nothing else he recommends is, either.) Like this book? Read online this: Look Who's Learning to Read, DSM-5 Guidebook.

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