A Good Minion Is Hard To Find

EPUB EBook by Lindsay Weigel

EBook Description

Never desiring a man for purposes other than feeding and fornication, the Countess continued her search for a good minion. A Good Minion Is Hard To Find EPUB EBook

Naturally, the minion she now possesses, Jason, is sexy and willing to be subjugated to the point most men would find humiliating; download; but he is also an ignorant piece of perspiring filth. Therefore, not only undeserving of her time, but the immortal gifts in which she could bestow. Thus far, no one had been worthy of her gift, never mind being on her arm for eternity.

That is, until she meets Jason's brother, James, who is the polar opposite of Jason. It may be problematic that he is engaged to someone else, but that isn't an issue for the Countess.

At least, that is what she believes… Like this book? Read online this: Jason and the Argonauts, Where Can You Find Hard and Soft Things?.

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