A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

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An amusing foray into the musicals of the 1960s. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum EPUB EBookMy issues with this play are less about my opinion of the book and more about my opinion of 1960s musicals.It seems that they are often safe, catchy, a little cheeky, but mostly they are meant to evoke joy and entertainment from the audience, rather than a serious statement.When I read this book, I felt as though the actual application of the text itself was more about getting the play done in many respects rather than making it good.That said, after two years and close to 1000 performances, it managed to sell tickets - EPUB furthermore, it has been revived many, many times over the decades since.It is cute, it is fun, but it doesn't make a statement.The origins of the text, Plautus, is skewed with the modern sensibilities of the theater, and it seems as though it may have worked for 1960s audiences, but today is a little weird and cumbersome.The value of the text is all in the way it is performed in the individual theaters that produce it, and I think that is where the beauty lies, rather than the text itself.To conclude, I think that if Plautus' audiences were to see their favorite characters in this new context, even they would be confused; download; but it would probably end with a plausible understanding and enjoyable feeling regardless of their confusion.Yes.A few funny things happen on the way to the forum, but they are awkward and rely on subtext at times.In the hands of the right director, the show could be a real hoot. Like this book? Read online this: Text & Context, Terrible Thing That Happened.

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