A Country in the Moon

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Honouring a deathbed pledge to his uncle, Michael Moran set out to travel the length and breadth of Poland in order to get an up- EPUBclose perspective of the country. A Country in the Moon EPUB EBook In this poignant and insightful account, he gives an insider’s view of a country set on a path of wrenching change while simultaneously confronting ghosts from the wartime and communist past. In chronicling the resurrection of the nation from war and the Holocaust, Moran paints a portrait of cities lost and gained, monumental castles, primeval forests, and picturesque landscape gardens among the finest yet least-known in Europe. This captivating journey into the heart of Poland is a timely and brilliant celebration of the return to the European fold of a valiant and richly cultured nation. Like this book? Read online this: M.e. American Country Gardens, New Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon: Cain Chronicles, #1).

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