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I enjoyed Joan Johnston's story. A Christmas Together EPUB EBook

From the back cover:

The greatest gift of all is the gift of love...

ANGEL FACE by Jane Bonander
A lonely schoolmarm fleeing a Minnesota blizzard seeks refuge with an embittered farmer and his half- EPUBbreed son—and experiences a miracle of love by the Yuletide fire.

HEAVEN'S GATE by Tanya Anne Crosby
Choosing Christmas to do the deed, a dashing English duke breaks off his long-standing engagement—only to discover the innocent fiance he ignored for years has unexpectedly blossomed into a fiery and irresistible woman.

THE ICE QUEEN by Jennifer Horsman
In a season of giving, a brash, handsome doctor tending to a sickly youth is smitten by the child's sad and beautiful mother—and vows to melt away the young widow's grief with the passionate heat of his sensuous, seductive care.

Having wed to end the warring ways of their feuding Texas families, a reluctant bride and groom find life together an unending battle—until a beautiful arrival at Christmastime teaches them the true meaning of peace and love.

And my review:

The first three stories in this collection were just awful. They all suffered from awkward, choppy writing (the second author seemed addicted to exclamation points) and/or unlikeable characters. The romance in those stories was all lust, (which was immediate) and no real love.

Jane Bonander's ANGEL FACE relied solely on lust to bring the characters together (this seems to be the author's trademark). And the brooding hero was just a little too gruff to be likeable. Two stars.

Tanya Anne Crosby's HEAVEN'S GATE wasn't much better. As I already stated, she totally overused the exclamation points. The heroine seemed to be constantly shrieking, even in her thoughts. And she came across as a screaming harpy and a spoiled child. Not exactly a woman to cheer for. Two stars.

Jennifer Horsman's THE ICE QUEEN was almost impossible to follow. I had to keep rereading sentences because I'd end up getting lost in the middle. The characters loved to ramble and interrupt each other. Trying to keep track of who was saying what got really tiresome, really quickly. The actual story was almost impossible to find. Two stars.

The only redeeming story was Joan Johnston's THE CHRISTMAS BABY and even it wasn't the best thing I've ever read. Joan Johnston does do the "feuding families" theme quite well (as evidenced by her long-running "Bitter Creek" series). Of course, this whole "arranged marriage where the couple is forced to make love every night" thing could only be found in the pages of a romance novel, but that didn't discount it as a good read. I liked watching the hero and heroine go from longstanding enemies to lifetime lovers. My complaints were that I felt there was a little too much emphasis on sex and not as much on romance. I also felt that the Christmas aspect of this story was a little tacked on. Only the very last few pages have anything to do with Christmas, and it's only a very brief mention. Four stars for this story. Like this book? Read online this: The Story of the Other Wise Man and Other Christmas Stories, Helena’s Christmas Beau (Cotillion Christmas Traditions #6).

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