A Brief Guide to Star Trek

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To be honest - EPUB I am a bit dissapointed by this book. A Brief Guide to Star Trek EPUB EBook Even though there is a lot of interessting information on who was involved in the ongoing Star Trek creative process and how the whole idea evolved, it leaves a very bitter aftertaste.
Yes, of course, the TV business is not all jolly and happy and the maker of a hero-show don't have to be heros themselves - but the whole tone of the book and its judgement on all Start Trek TV shows is quite hard. The only thing that seems to be good is the new 2009 movie. Hello? Did I miss something? Maybe the whole book is just a cover - up commercial? Well - as a fan (and yes I did like "Enterprise") you dont really need this book that explains in great detail why about 80% of Star Trek is mostely bad. Like this book? Read online this: Errand of Fury Book Two (Star Trek, The Original Series) (Bk. 2), Star Trek.

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