A Boy Wants a Dinosaur

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Didn't really like this book. A Boy Wants a Dinosaur EPUB EBook The story line was not that interesting and the pictures weren't that great either. The pictures seemed very blocky and flat, something that I don't think children would be very drawn to. I didn't like the storyline because it seemed like a typical story about a boy dreaming about something ridiculous and then waking up and realizing that havinga pet dinosaur probably wouldn't be such a good idea. This book was published in 1991 thought, so maybe that kind of story line was new back during those times.

The fact that the author called the dinosaur store a "dino- EPUBstore" was cute though. I did like that and how the book showed that dinosaurs are really different from humans and do not eat, sleep, and do the same things that humans do. So I guess this could be a introduction to children about dinosaurs and having pets in general. In general though, I just thought it was boring and could use more entertaining and enjoyable qualities. Like this book? Read online this: I Never Met a Story I Didn't Like, The Really, Really, Really Big Dinosaur.

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