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This is one of those books I've been "meaning to read" for years. A Book of Five Rings EPUB EBook There's a lot that could be said here, more than can be included in a "review".

How can one review a book that has stood the test of 5+ centuries? I think there is much of value here, I think there is much that can be learned and then misapplied by those not wise enough to understand application as well as process.

The book assumes that the one reading will have already spent much time in learning and study and plans to move on with the learning. The book's 5 rings can in many ways be looked at as "headings" or "reminders". These are in many ways outlines of much larger subjects. (1000 days of practice equals 10,000 days or instruction.)

There are subjects and views that on the surface seem to to be contradictory. Musashi speaks of "venerating" the gods and the Buddhas he then speaks of total self reliance especially not appealing to or depending on the "gods or Buddhas". The most commonly used phrase (in translation) is "this should be investigated thoroughly".

An interesting book that does not claim to supply truth but to help in your finding what is the truth (Musashi would probably add) "for you".

A book to think about and approach with consideration and hopefully wisdom. Like this book? Read online this: Learning to Study Teacher's Guide, Book E, Grade 5, The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game Core Book.

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