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Ring machine series

LX-1000 Belt ring type winding machine

Title: LX-1000 Belt ring type winding machine
Pubtime: 2014-5-14
Describe: ◎FeatureslThemachinehasthecharacteristicsofthenovelcontour,thereasonablestructure,theheavymachinebod...
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◎ Features

l        The machine has thecharacteristics of the novel contour, the reasonable structure, the heavymachine body and the excellent stability. And it is manufactured by qualitysteel products.

l        The CNC digital brushlesscontrol system is applied in this machine, and the machines have thecharacteristics of easy operation, rare maintenance and little malfunctions.

l        The variable frequency drivetype is applied. The winding displacement is aided with precise servo driventype in low noise, leading to a fast and precise follow. The accessories arefrom the worldwide brands with high performance, long service period andadaptable working environment.

l        The extraction and storagecanreach 1000 steps, and cylinder number,Outer diameter, inner diameter, heightand Angle, wire diameter, direction, speed, and some other parameters can beset. Besides, precise count,backup data for power fail, overload andover-current protection, strong anti-interference are possessed.


◎Winding products

Open jewels transformer, miniature(current, voltage transformer, zero sequence current transformer, three phasecurrent transformer, each ring inductance and other special products.



◎Technical Parameters

Every time the production:1pcs 

Control method:CNC digital brushless controlsystem is applied


Clamp head diameter:Φ10mm    

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