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Flat coiling machine series

LX-050 Big-torsion wire arrangement special winding machine

Title: LX-050 Big-torsion wire arrangement special winding machine
Pubtime: 2013-5-28
Describe: Big-torsionwirearrangementspecialwindingmachine/Model:LX-050◎FeatureslThemachinehasthecharacteristic...
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Big-torsion wirearrangement special winding machine/ Model:LX-050


◎ Features

l        The machine has thecharacteristics of the novel contour, the reasonable structure, the heavymachine body and the excellent stability. And it is manufactured by qualitysteel products.

l        The CNC digital invertercontrol system is applied in this machine, and the machines have thecharacteristics of easy operation, rare maintenance and little malfunctions.

l        The variable frequency drivetype is applied. The winding displacement is aided with precise servo driventype in low noise, leading to a fast and precise follow. The accessories arefrom the worldwide brands with high performance, long service period andadaptable working environment.

l        The extraction and storagecanreach 1000 steps, and cylinder number, width, wire diameter, direction, speed,and some other parameters can be set. Besides, precise count,backup data forpower fail, overload and over-current protection, strong anti-interference arepossessed.


◎Winding products

EI transformer,High frequency transformer,Pulse transformer, Inductance coil, Adapter power supply and other specialproducts.


◎Technical Parameters

The spindle number:1-axis

Speed of main axis:1800RPM  

Control method:CNC digital inverter control systemis applied


Main shaft fixture diameter:Φ15mm   

Wire size range:Φ0.1-2.0mm

Winding width:200mm  

Wire arrangement width:200mm  

Working voltage:220VAC

Equipment size:L/1000*W/700*H/500mm         

Equipment weight:74kg 



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