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Flat coiling machine series

LX-025 Side great torsion transformer hand machine

Title: LX-025 Side great torsion transformer hand machine
Pubtime: 2014-5-14
Describe: ...
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◎ Features

l        The machine has thecharacteristics of the novel contour, the reasonable structure, the heavymachine body and the excellent stability. And it is manufactured by quality steelproducts.

l        The CNC digital invertercontrol system is applied in this machine, and the machines have thecharacteristics of easy operation, rare maintenance and little malfunctions.

l        Using variable frequency driveway, large torque, low noise, excellent performance, which can realize uniformspeed, precise counting, overload overcurrent protection, and other functions.

l        Dan can store 1000 steps, canset number of turns, up around the local train, the local train parking,positive &negative, high low speed control function.

l        This model applies thick wirediameter and flat products production, manual line.


◎Winding products

EI transformer,Reactor, powerinductors,Control transformer,Dry-type power transformer and other specialproducts.


◎Technical Parameters

The spindle number:1-axis

Speed of main axis:450RPM           

Control method:CNC digital frequency conversioncontroller


Main shaft fixture diameter:Φ15mm  

Wire size range:Φ1.0-3.8mm/flat wire :breadth 0-10mm;thickness1-2mm

Machine dimensions:L/492*W/370*H/500mm

Working voltage:220VAC

Equipment weight:46kg  

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