8 Secrets Of The Truly Rich

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The more I have, the more I can share to others. 8 Secrets Of The Truly Rich EPUB EBook
And the more I share, the more I serve God and proclaim His glory.

This book has debunked the religious misconception about being materially rich. A new approach to introduce financial literacy while stressing the proper posture of heart in accordance to the values and principles of Christianity.

It allowed me to assess my current state. It made me realize the limitations I suffer as I find myself in the brink of scarcity most of the time. It made me wonder, if only I am financially abundant, I could be able to move freely. I could do greater things and reach higher grounds especially when it comes to serving God and my family.

I had a strong desire for abundance but I lack commitment and consistency. I have learned that strong desire is not enough. Action is a must. I must be responsible for my success.

I have also learned the importance of enhancing financial IQ and riding the correct vehicle to wealth. The book pretty much gives you very helpful information in a nutshell.

One cool thing I also learned is to earn thru your core gifts. Which, made a lot of sense to me. Do things that you love and enjoy doing wherein you make use of your strengths and assets in order to keep the passion burning naturally.

I definitely recommend this book. A must read. ^_^ Like this book? Read online this: 7 Book Marketing Case Studies And Other Lessons Learned, Rich Dad's Rich Kid, Smart Kid.

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