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Telesco really messed up in a couple of places in this book, and if she did so here, I hate to imagine where else she messed up. 365 Goddess EPUB EBook OK first of all - EPUB she writes, at the end of July, about a Goddess called "Voluspa." There is no such Goddess. The Voluspa is a poem, not a Goddess. It is found in a book called "The Poetic Edda." It is the first poem in that book. It talks about how Odin sought information from a dead seeress ("volva") about the origins of the Nordic Nine Worlds, about the Ragnarok, etc. "Voluspa" is a word that means "speech of the volva." Second - in May, Telesco writes about a Scandinavian Goddess called "Dag." Nope. No such Goddess. In the Scandinavian pagan ways, Dag is a GOD. This book is supposed to be about Goddesses, not Gods. I'm serious as a heart attack, readers - Dag is NOT a Goddess. Dag never was a Goddess. Dag forms a partnership with the solar Scandiavan Goddess Sunna, Goddess of the Sun. (Alternately, the moon God Mani and the Goddess of Night, Nott, also form a couple.) Please do not take Telesco's insights on Scandinavian pagan ways; download; she is not of that tradition and she has taken this stuff completely out of context and changed it around to suit her own modern feminist agenda....and she's making a buck by lying to all you readers out there. Seriously. She really is. This stuff is easily researchable with a minimum of effort, and if you take the time to look this up, you'll see she's really ripped up the old Scandinavian ways for her book. That's not cool - that's being very culturally insensitive. Like this book? Read online this: The Goddess and the Tree (Llewellyn's Modern Witchcraft Series, Witches Qabala, Book 1), My Inner Goddess.

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