12 Keys for Engaging at-Risk Students

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I am a teacher in rural Appalachia. 12 Keys for Engaging at- EPUBRisk Students EPUB EBook I work with a large number of students who are labeled "At-Risk" as a result of low socio economic status (among other risk factors). I was very excited to receive this book. I realized that my student population would be different in terms of racial make up and geographical culture, but I felt that perhaps Mr. Stewart would have some advice that might be worth reading. As I read through this book, I enjoyed reading the many personal teaching antidotes that Mr. Stewart shared. It was evident that he is passionate about his students and their education. Unfortunately, there was not much to the book beyond the memories.The personal stories were very rarely tied back to a core philosophy.There was little to tie all the threads together into one cohesive approach.
I found many repetitive thoughts and statements within the same case study. I found awkwardly worded sentences that made the prose difficult to follow. The content flipped from one student to the next with very little to tie each situation back to a common theme. I appreciated the summary at the end of each chapter, but I would hardly call that advice innovative. These are basic concepts that are taught in any worthy College of Education.
I very much wanted to like this book, but I am not sure if it is a tome to which I will continuously refer after the initial reading. I was disappointed.
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