101 Foods That Could Save Your Life

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When it comes to food, nature provides a wealth of delicious choices. 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life EPUB EBook But each one also supplies unique health benefits. From apples to yogurt, this comprehensive encyclopedia of power foods from top nutritionist David Grotto proves that what tastes good can also be good for you—and tells you why. Did you know...

• A handful of tart cherries before bed can help you sleep better
• Hot peppers may fight skin cancer
• Potatoes may reduce the risk of stroke
• Grape juice may be as heart- EPUBhealthy as red wine
• Honey can help wounds heal faster

In working with thousands of clients over many years and searching for the most nutritious and tasty foods, David Grotto made a simple but profound discovery: telling people what they couldn’t eat was far less effective than telling them what they could. So began his list of power foods, rich in nutrients, loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants and important omega fats—and surprisingly more familiar than you might expect.

More than a reference book, 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life will make a significant impact on your health by guiding you to gradually add these foods to your diet. Plus, each entry includes a history of the food’s origin, therapeutic benefits along with scientific research, tips for use and preparation, and an appetizing recipe from a leading chef or nutritionist. Prepare to awaken your tastebuds, lose excess weight, and feel the healing begin. Like this book? Read online this: Living Foods for Optimum Health, THIS BOOK MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE.

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